Hawaiian Airlines Expanding like WildFire

If there is one thing that we are noticing in regards to the overall health of the travel market in Hawaii is that we are seeing stronger numbers and more visitors coming to Hawaii. Hotels are seeing occupancy rates getting closer to what they were before the Great Recession and we are also seeing the room rates go up as well. This is important as before room rates were so low that most hotels weren’t making enough and had to layoff some workers. For the improvement the other good thing is that this isn’t only for Oahu but for all the major Hawaiian islands like Maui and Kauai. Another thing that can be seen as growth for the travel market has been some of the moves Hawaiian Airlines has made.

Over the past year, Hawaiian Airlines has add flights to New York, daily service to Seoul, Korea, more flights to Japan in different cities as well as adding other international flights. Hawaiian Airlines has been facing increased competition from airlines like Alaska and Allegiant, so they have been aggressive as well in adding more flights. The area that domestically they seem to be actively looking at is Asia. Hawaii already gets a lot of tourists each year from Japan as is one of the reason why Hawaiian is offering so many flights from there. Hawaiian is also looking to adding flights from China as this is another huge market with large potential. To accommodate flights from China, Hawaiian started offering daily service from Korea as this would be the connecting flight from China to Hawaii. If Hawaiian can break into the China market, I think they will have a strong hold on the Hawaii market and become the leading airline internationally for Hawaii flights. With Hawaiian buying more and more planes that can handle these long flight distances, you can see Hawaiian will continue to expand and offer more flights not only to Asian but to the mainland and other countries. Overall this is a good thing for the Hawaii travel market as the more flights we can add, the more people that wil be able to visit in Hawaii and stay in one of the hotels.


Hawaii hotel occupancy continues to increase

A couple of years ago when we were in the “Great Recession,” Hawaii hotels were really struggling to fill up there rooms and it was not only bad for the Hawaii tourism market but the overall local economy as so many people rely on the tourism for their livelihood. Well fast forward it a couple of years and now the Hawaii travel industry is booming. With airlines like Hawaiian adding news flights of service to Hawaii and also new airlines like Allegiant and Alaska Airlines entering the market, we are seeing more people traveling to Hawaii which means more hotel rooms are getting booked.

With the increase in flights to Hawaii I’ve been interested to see what the current hotel occupancy rates were looking like and just this past week we’ve begun to see some of the numbers. Hospitality Advisors is reporting that the state wide occupancy rate is around 79.5%. These numbers are pretty good and were expected to be high as it is the Summer period, which is the most busiest time, and also there have been a large amount of RIMPAC guests staying in the hotels. For a breakdown by island, the occupancy rate on Oahu was around 88%, on Maui 71.5% and on Kauai 79.1%. From these numbers you can see that Oahu had the highest number due to a majority of the people wanting to stay in Waikiki and on Maui it was lower as the hotel rates are usually much higher per night as compared to Oahu.

With Summer coming to an end I will be closely watching to see what the occupancy numbers are at during the non peak season so we can see if the Hawaii travel market is still growing.

Inside Hawaii’s Top Resorts

Hawaii is know for it’s beautiful beaches but they are also known for having some of the nicest beach resorts in the world. With the being said I thought it would be fun if I did a post on some of my more favorite Hawaii resorts and show you what they look like just in case you’ve never had a chance to visit Hawaii. Here is the list of my favorite Hawaii hotels.

Hilton Hawaiian Village



Royal Hawaiian Hotel


Hilton Waikoloa Village



Grand Wailea Maui

Best Places to Eat in Hawaii

When in Hawaii one of the things you need to try out is the local cuisine. Hawaii is known for great seafood, spam, lau lau and a lot of other different types of local food. If you are coming to Hawaii and are looking for great places to eat that don’t cost a lot, well I got some great places for you to check out that I’m sure you will enjoy.

The first place that I recommend is Rainbow’s Drive Inn. Located just outside of Waikiki it is known by the locals as one of the best places to get a plate lunch. When I go there I love to eat the Chili plate or the mixed plate with gravy all over. Nothing there cost more than $9 and it has some of the best local food that you have to try out. Another place to try to eat is Zippy’s. Zippy’s is can be found all over the island of Oahu with over 20 different locations. When there you need to try a Zip Pac. This has rice, fried chicken, spam, fish and teri beef and is really good. They have a lot of other types of food to tryout so make sure you bring your appetite. A third place to tryout is L&L Drive Inn. Again another great place for plate lunches that you need to try out. When I visit there I get the chicken katsu curry which is really good. If this doesn’t match your taste buds don’t worry because there whole menu is delicious.

Pearl Harbor

One of the biggest attractions on the island of Oahu is without a doubt Pearl Harbor. This is where the Japanese declared war against the US by attacking naval ships and sinking many of them. A lot of tourists and locals visit Pearl Harbor every year to learn more about what happened and also see the sunken ships. If you get the chance to visit Oahu, make sure you visit Pearl Harbor. Below is a video someone took of Pearl Harbor.

Bay Area to Hawaii Airfare Special

Call this the Summer of Hawaii airfare deals as all the major airlines are coming out with new specials to compete. The Summer is the busiest season for Hawaii travel and on average the rates are in the mid $700’s. Well if this is out of your price range and still want to come to Hawaii for the Summer you are in luck because Hawaiian Airlines is having a special. If you live in the Bay area (includes San Jose and Oakland) and are looking to travel to any of the Hawaiian islands from June 10th to August 21st, Hawaiian is offering an airfare special of $498 roundtrip. Like I said before, for this time and for those destinations you usually have to pay at least $600 on airfare alone. Hawaiian Airlines is offering these fares to better compete with Alaskan Airlines who as well are offering discounted rates to Hawaii. So if you are looking to get to Hawaii for the Summer you can book your airfare on Hawaiian and spend the money you saved on other important things like bikinis and cocktails. If you are interested in these rates I recommend you booking them soon as these deals won’t last for long.

Waikiki Hotel Deal – Hyatt Waikiki

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Waikiki. Known for its great weather and beautiful beaches, Waikiki is a dream destination. Maybe the one downfall about Waikiki is how pricey some of the hotel rooms can get. Waikiki is home to some of the best hotels in the world from the Hilton Hawaiian Village to the Moana Surfrider. One of the top hotels in Waikiki is the Hyatt Waikiki. Their rooms can be pricey with the rates usually in the mid $200 but you are in luck because they are offering some special deals this year. The Hyatt Waikiki is offering rates of $149 a night and can be booked at Bookit.com. The dates vary so you will need to search for them. If you go to the Hyatt’s website the rates are closer to $200 so this is a great deal. If you’re looking for the lowest rates on this hotel in Oahu make sure you travel during the off season, best dates are in May and October. Also make sure you don’t travel during any other major holidays and if possible try to avoid to many weekend dates. There are a lot of great rates of airfare right now so if you’re looking to get to Hawaii and stay at a great hotel for a low price, this might be the best time to start planning it!